Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your Nomen Global Horoscope for Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

You will climb a tall, dark mountain sometime within the next 27 hours.  Otherwise, you will drive a vehicle that has been marked for extinction by the National League of Women Bowlers.  Your love life will blossom as you find romance in strange, exotic places – like the paint store or a venetian blind factory.  Do not trust anyone with a moustache – especially if they are female. 
This is an auspicious day to start learning English at Nomen Global Language Centers.  If you enter their portals and throw a hand full of quinoa over your left shoulder you will find courage, wisdom and a cure for the common cold.  Even though you will feel like ignoring your homework, doing it will cause you to prosper in ways that you never thought possible. 
Always treat small children and stray dogs with respect; either one is capable of biting hard. 

Meet Jessica Hercules, a Veteran Teacher at Nomen Global!

Jessica Hercules and her husband Pete.

Jessica Hercules is a perky brunette, who enjoys teaching English as a Second Language.  Prior to starting work at Nomen Global Language Centers at the beginning of 2013, she was a student at Utah State in Logan, Utah, where she majored in Second Language Teaching.
She is originally from Provo, Utah, and lived most of her life in Sandy, Utah, which is the sixth largest city in the state of Utah.  Sandy is home to the Rio Tinto Stadium, the only soccer-specific stadium in Utah.  Jessica is not only a big fan of soccer, but an even bigger fan and participant in women’s lacrosse, a team sport originally played by the Iroquois Native Americans.  She currently coaches a girl’s lacrosse team in Provo.
Her husband, Pete Busche, is a former anthropology major at Brigham Young University, and is currently studying for his Masters in Public Administration at the University of Utah.  They plan on staying in the area after he graduates; he will work in local government while Jessica continues with teaching English as a second language.
One of the things Jessica enjoys most about teaching English is observing the students making progress in the language and watching where they take their knowledge of English.  She is currently teaching students at Nomen Global Grammar 2, Critical Reading, and Current Events. 

Her favorite word in the entire English language is “onamonapia”. (Don't worry, we had to look it up too!) 

Chinese Language versus English Language: Which Should You Learn?

It’s true the Chinese have a slice of bizness ev’rywhere;
You cannot find a country where you will not meet their stare.
But does that mean that you should learn their lingo to succeed
In life’s great competition where your word goes with your deed?
No!  If you would be wealthy it is English you should speak.
The English language always helps your bizness reach its peak!
The Chinese alphabet is so confusing that it takes
A brainy scholar twenty years to speak without mistakes.
But English has an alphabet of 26, no more!
And you can learn it easy as you close an open door.
So come to Nomen Global and rejoice in learning true,

As the English language makes a hero out of you! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet Our Middle Eastern Specialist, Makram Ibrahim.

Makram Ayad Yacoub Ibrahim was born and raised in Bani Suef, Egypt.  Before coming to work at Nomen Global Language Centers, in Provo, Utah, he studied English at Brigham Young University. 
His family are Coptic Christians, who now live in Cairo, Egypt.
The Coptic Christians are the largest Christian community in the Middle East.  They account for approximately ten percent of the Egyptian population.  Egypt has over 86 million inhabitants.  Egypt has one of the longest continual histories of any modern state, going back over three thousand years.  Most of the citizens of Egypt still live within close proximity of the Nile River.
Makram currently works as Nomen Global’s specialist for Middle Eastern and European students. He started with Nomen Global Language Center in January of 2014.  He enjoys working at Nomen Global because he meets many students from different countries.  He says it is fun to watch them and help them learn English.  Our many Middle Eastern students find Makram always willing to help them find lodging and help them work things out when their English language skills are stretched to the limit. 
Makram enjoys playing soccer, swimming, and jogging.

His favorite phrase in English is “Show them what you got!” 

55 Countries Use English as Their Official Language.

English is spoken as an official language in 55 countries around the world, outside of North America.  Here is the breakdown:

                                      Asia:  8 countries.                  

Sri Lanka,

                               Africa:  23 countries.

 South Sudan
 South Africa
 Sierra Leone

                                            Caribbean: 10 countries.

 Trinidad and Tobago
  Saint Vincent
  Saint Lucia
  Saint Kitts and Nevis
  Antigua and Barbuda  

                                                 Oceania:  16 countries.

  New Zealand
  Cook Islands

                                             Europe:  2 countries.

United Kingdom

                                        South America:  1 country.


And . . . 
There are an additional 27 territories and colonies where English is also considered the official language for government and business.  

You can truly travel the world and be understood everywhere, if you speak English!

Reaping a Prosperous English Language Harvest . . .

When you plant a pumpkin seed you don't harvest radishes, do you?  No!  Pumpkin seeds bring forth pumpkins, as you can plainly see in this photograph above.  Whether you then EAT your pumpkin or CARVE it is up is up to you.
What has this to do with Nomen Global, you may ask.  Plenty.  Because when you plant an English seed, you harvest an English crop.  You learn grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation.  

So you might say that Nomen Global Language Centers is like a farm, where we plant English skills all year round and our students harvest these skills, much improved, as time goes by!

The end result is a rich feast that keeps our students fed for the rest of their lives.  The hard work and dedication of both our teachers and our students means a bumper crop of well-trained English speakers!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Student Safety Comes First!

"Reach For The Sky!"

Media sources often portray the United States of America as a  place where there is a lot of crime..  While there are certain tiny sections of the country that are prone to high crime and violence rates, most of the United States is extremely peaceful and law-abiding.  The stories of a “Wild West” mindset throughout America are just fairy tales and malicious gossip. 

"As Snug As A Bug In A Rug!

Especially peaceful and safe is the small city of Provo, Utah.  Nomen Global Language Centers chose to locate its headquarters and school in Provo precisely because it is such a stable and quiet area of the country.  According to the website Neighborhood Scout the chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Provo are 1 in 769, while the chances of becoming a crime victim in the state of Utah are 1 in 486.  Nationally, the average is 1 in 239. 
No murders were reported in Provo for the entire year of 2013. 

Crooks NOT Welcome!

The traffic flow is stable, and road rage incidents are few and far between.  Public transportation is very convenient, and there is virtually no crime reported on buses or trains in the entire Utah Valley.  Compare that with New York City, where a crime is committed on the subway every 89 minutes! 
The Provo police force is known nationally for its professionalism and dedication to crime prevention.  Men are women are perfectly safe walking in any neighborhood, at any time of the day or night.
There are no slums or ghettos in Provo, Utah.

No Safer Place For Foreign Students In America.

The bottom line is you cannot find a safer, friendlier town in the United States of America than Provo, Utah.

Our students here never feel threatened or afraid.  We are very proud of our record of safety in the 15 years we have been in business.